On a Mission to Align YOU with your Brand

Hey. So. We’ve done the big corporate thing. We’ve done the big agency and overhead thing. Twice. We’re now doing our own thing and pulling in the peeps as we need them. The “hub” of this company is April Sunset. She’s the A and the Sunset behind the Design. She is never working alone. If not in collaboration with other geniuses in the industry that she loves, she’s working along-side her guides. It’s always “We.”

Get WAY More Than You Asked For

Right Tools. Right Solution.

The magic really happens in the mix. The mix of tools, the mix of peeps, the mix of deliciousness. We got this.

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You are unique.
You're not cookie cutter. Your brand should reflect all that you are.

JUST for you.

Custom illustration, custom font, whatever. You are uniquely you and your brand should match. We work with your budget to make it work for you.


We're building an intuitive design for your clients while making it
intuitively you.

The work. The process.

We want it easy to use. We want it entirely you. Intuition plays a big role in our work.


We're looking for brand-love, cult status for our clients. Is that so much to ask?

Business with a heart

The world is saturated with options. What sets you apart from the rest? Heart-based businesses, businesses with a soul…now those are hard to resist.
Collective Work Hours
Cups of Stumptown. Seriously.
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Meet Your New Best Friends

April Sunset
April SunsetCreative Catalyst
She’s done it all. She loves it all. And she’ll love you. Her heart is as big as her ideas. She’s been in the biz for a couple of decades, so she’s got killer skills. She’s known for her fresh ideas though. She’s moved up the chain in the headquarters of a big-box fashion retailer in the Bay Area from copywriter to brand manager to web manager to associate creative director. She can write, direct, cast and produce a radio spot for you and then design you a website. She’s one of those hybrid types. You’ll wonder what you ever did without her.
Copywriting Projects 21%
Web Design Projects 40%
Graphic Design Projects 39%
Ruth Brennan
Ruth BrennanDeveloper & Human Design
Ruth is a Jane of many trades. She’s our go-to problem solver. With creative projects AND human problems. Really! She’s a certified Human Design Consultant. With a birth date, location and time she can tell you more about yourself than you ever knew. AND how you should be living and what you should be doing for a living. Quite often for clients, she’s their first stop. Get your human design and then your graphic one. Ha. We make quite the perfect match.
Human Design Consulting 75%
Web Design Projects 25%

There’s plenty more in the collaborative, but they’re camera shy.

Let’s make magic together!

We’re located in Vancouver, WA but through the magic of technology, we’re available EVERYWHERE.

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