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A Sunset Design
9014 NE St. Johns Road Ste 113
Vancouver, WA 98665

Image credit: Building wall painting Portland, OR by April Sunset

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Client Love…

April is a creative genius. I didn’t know HOW lost I was without her until I started working with her! She showed me the importance of a solid brand, intuited my look, and delivered a foundation to attract a solid following of the PERFECT client for me.
April Sunset is absolutely infectious! She is one of those brillant people that stick with you for life, kind of like a beauty mark or Juicy Fruit on your Converse. Her creative energy and grammatical genius is an instant receipt for creative success. We she laughs, we all laugh. When she writes, we all read. When she inspires, we all create and when you work with a person like April, you feel as if you can conquer the world. Or, at least the next TPS report.
I have been a client of April Sunset’s for over one year. Upon starting my business I needed a terrific listener, a creative thinker and more importantly someone who had the ability to convert my vision and desired customer response into a tangible brand and marketing campaign. This consummate professional successfully embodied all 3 of these needs. I couldn’t be happier with what she has masterfully done. Her adaptability to the needs of her customers never ceases to impress me.