What is a Soul Signature?

Hmm. So hard to put into words, but here goes: it’s an intuively channeled and guided work of art that is authentically and vibrationally you at your very soul. It is so you, in fact, that you are then given the gift (and by-product) of handing your vibration to another potential client on a business card and having them know in an instant whether or not they want to work with you. That strikes some fear in some people because they feel that they should appeal to everyone. In the real world, you click or you don’t. Professionally and personally. And you know what it’s like to work with someone that doesn’t get you or you don’t click with? Friction. Beginning to end.

What’s the process with creating a Soul Signature?

I meet with the client and ask them to share the story of their ideal life: personal and professional. As they talk to me, images, feelings, colors and words hit me in the face. I go back to my workspace and allow my hand to be guided to draw what is coming through me. I have many stories of my “waking up” to find a completed drawing after having been drawing for hours, not remembering any part of my work.

Case Study

Met with a client and then went back to work to begin her Soul Signature (one of my early ones). I “woke up” 18 hours (no drink, no eats, no bathroom breaks—or did I?) later to find a— what can only be described as—Dragon Goddess drawn as if in relief carved into a pyramid wall. Egyptian…profile…whole bit. I have never drawn a dragon, let alone a Goddess one! To be honest, I was nervous about showing her. It was beautiful, but really? A dragon? I finally got up the nerve and showed her. She gasped, tears pooled in her eyes and she said, “You got my tail right!” She grabbed her shirt and pulled it up to show a dragon tattoo on her stomach.

What have I learned?

I am creating for you at your soul’s essence. And to be honest, we’re all on that path to finding ourselves and our purpose, but we may not be quite there yet. It may be hard to absorb and take in. So over the years I’ve learned to create with the intention focused on how each client is going to use the Soul Signature and what they’re ready to reveal to the world.

What is involved?

Soul Signatures are energy draining. Time with the client, time in meditation, visions in sleep, guided creation time…could take a week creating just one! All of that energy expenditure is intense and I love it so much. Creating these pieces feeds my soul. I am so grateful and honored to have been given this gift.

Who gets them and why?

Clients have had them done to use as their company logo or just for their own personal interest. Let me know if you’re interested. Give me a call or email. Looking forward to being your mirror.